Our Process

Frederick Lynn specializes in custom made apparel for men and women. We offer a true “custom” made garment specializing in custom suits, jackets, slacks, shirts, formal wear, outerwear, neckwear, sportswear and other items. To complete the look, we offer a selection of unique furnishings and accessories as well as other lifestyle products. We see our clients by appointment, call or email us to coordinate.

Our goal is to maximize and make sense of your wardrobe for all occasions. We discuss your wants and needs while putting a wardrobe plan that makes sense for you.

We source from the world’s finest fabrics from traditional to more fashion-forward designs as well as offering rare and unique fabric all the way up to vicuna.

After fabrics are chosen, we discuss style and design.

During the first fitting, measurements are then taken to create the customers pattern, which is stored on file for ease of future ordering.

Depending on the fabric and chosen “make”, lead time will be between 4-8 weeks once the order is placed.

Once the clothing arrives, there will be a second fitting to ensure the correct fit. Turn around time for needed adjustments is about a week.

Approximately one week after the second fitting the clothing will be ready for final delivery.

our fabrics

our perspective

Ready-Made, Made-to-Measure, Custom, and Bespoke are the four different ways to procure a garment. Within those four different options, there are three different “makes” or levels of construction available on the market which are Machine Finished, Hand Finished, and Full Handmade.

We specialize in creating a true “Custom” garment in either a Hand Finished or Full Handmade “make”.